Website Creating Cheatsheet


So many would love to be bold and brave and set up their own website for personal or professional use. Is that you?

That was me for many years but the idea of sorting everything out overwhelmed me. Where do I start? How do I know what is the best hosting provider? Do I need a CMS?

I went through lots of trials and hicups in my creating process and I so wish I had a cheatsheet to help me know where to start so I’ve created this cheatsheet to take the stress out and hopefully you won’t go through all the difficulties I had in doing things back to front, left to right and upside down.


Take the stress out and get the perfect aim every time with this free website creating cheatsheet!

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I hope this helps you and if there’s something that isn’t covered in this then please send us a message on Insta and we’ll be happy to help you. This cheatsheet will be updated going forward so anything that is missed will be added on.




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