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Get your Website creating cheat sheet

Do you find it stressful trying to work out what you should do first in your website journey?

I know I did, that’s why I’ve created this cheat sheet so you can aim high in your goals and achieve them perfectly.



Affiliate Blogs

Image of speedy content e-book by squirrly

Success story with following the guidance provided by focus pages

We all hear about success stories but do you question how true they actually are? You’re not on your own with those thoughts. 

Check out Olivia’s thoughts when she questioned success stories.. 



Image of speedy content e-book by squirrly

Want to know how to generate ideas for continuous blogging?

Bloggers block? It’s a real thing…

If this is you then fear not. This podcast will help you to get your thinking up idea after idea after idea.


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Speedy Content E-book

Do you find it stressful trying to plan your content marketing? 

This e-book is for you! You will learn how to achieve your marketing goals, the smart and effective way to use social media and how to monitor if your ontent is having any impact. 

Why you shouldn't use your homepage for SEO

Have you spent many hours making sure you’re homepage is uh may zing.. with it’s SEO. 

Your site is so much more than just your homepage. 

Check out the video in this article for what you should be spending your time doing. 

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Make my business rank high in Google

There are so many companies all fighting for the top spot in Google, it can be frustrating spending hours trying to rank your site. 

How do they do it?!

Check out this article on how you can make your site rank high in Google. 

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Focus Pages

What’s a focus page I hear you asking?!

A focus pages give a clear way to navigate Google’s ranking algorithms with once-unimaginable precision.

Have a look at this helpful article that breaks down focus pages and what you can to benefit from them. 

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